"Praise" is for Free!

"Praise" is for Free!

Praise! Praise! Praise!

Praise is an Award and it is for Free. When we offer it, it is an invaluable gift.
Depending who we offer it to, this gift opens emotional paths that we cannot even imagine.
When parents praise their children, it is as if they are vaccinating them with strong doses of Self-Confidence, Love, Power, Energy, Boosting their most hidden Capabilities.

Children, who have parents who praise them, are encouraged, without any pressure, towards activities and ways of thoughts and behaviours that will facilitate them both at this stage of their lives and in the future!

The Praise builds Creative and Innovative characters in children. Because children want to receive the Admiration and Praise from their parents every time.

We need to offer it to our children in their small accomplishments and the big ones.

Do not be afraid to be generous in your Praise. Your children need it. Be sure, when the time comes for them to open their wings and fly towards their own Life, they will be so strong that their flight will be admired by many!

Now let’s talk about Praising Adults. Many studies have been conducted and we all, more or less, know the conclusions. The more we Praise ourselves, our relatives, our colleagues, our friends and our fellow human beings in general, the more we, and even more so the Recipients, feel this Greatness inside them, a strange Joy and Strength.

Is there a stronger feeling than to offer Joy and Strength to the People around us?

The Praise is an Incentive for Evolution and Creation for All of Us.

Well, you are all Wonderful in your field!

You are Doing a Splendid job!

Irini Miller - Psychologist, author of the book "A LETTER TO A WOMAN"

Photo: Author/Depositphotos

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