Irini Miller from a young age had the gift of 6th sense and insight.

She is a Counselling Psychologist with a postgraduate degree from York University Alabama State. Exploring human power and achieving happiness is the purpose of her life work.

She has traveled all over the world. She loves knowledge and reading. She has collaborated on a personal level with distinguished personalities from around the world and is well aware that people can do the impossible, if they recognize, believes and cultivate the power within them.

Today, through her personal sessions, her books, as well as all her actions, she focuses on the mysterious creature called the woman and the forces she possesses to help her regain her nature, but also the ultimate happiness she deserves and she can claim for herself.

Irini believes that individual, sexual and family happiness is only achieved through the admiration of the gifts that women have through their genetic code, and that is why she has focused her research and writing in this field.

Irene lives with her husband in Egypt. She is writing her new book and everyday she meets great people from around the world, through Skype therapy sessions.

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